Opticell Hybrid Matratzen 

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Opticell Air 1 Hybrid

The Air1 with TruePressure is an advanced hybrid mattress designed to meet the high standards of healthcare and the needs of the user. With its interconnected, foam-free air cells, the Air1 has an extra low back pressure, providing excellent pressure relief and comfort.

The OptiCell Air1 is completely silent as it has no electric pump. The included hand pump is used to check, and possibly adjust, the air pressure in the mattress.

This mattress combines carefully selected components to promote immersion and evelopment, key factors in pressure ulcer prevention. Discover what the innovative Air1 can mean for pressure ulcer prevention care.

Opticell Air 1 S 

The Air1 S is an extended model that takes the hybrid mattress to the next level by integrating it with our OC20 alternating air pump. This combination not only offers very good pressure relief and high comfort with TruePressure technology, but also provides the possibility of alternating modes for additional choices in the fight against pressure ulcers.

Carefully selected components of the Air1S promote immersion and envelopment, which is essential for the prevention of pressure ulcers. Discover the benefits of an alternating hybrid mattress with Air1S and OC20.

Opticell Air 1 SX

Hybrid mattress, as part of the SMART family

The Air1SX is our most advanced model and comes with the powerful OC55 pump. The pump is part of our SMART series, where one pump can control several different mattresses, simplifying learning and stocking.

By choosing the Air1SX, our hybrid mattress not only becomes part of the SMART family, but also offers alternating modes for additional pressure relief. Experience the innovative technology and comfort of Air1SX and OC55, where innovation meets versatility.

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